Writers Block

Writers block is a bitch, let’s just be honest here folks. The dead of summer has settled in here in The Sunshine Empire and the tempestuous mix between blinding heat and torrential thunderstorms is now a daily occurrence. I’m a naturally opinionated American, but we deal with issues of such immense proportion that they last beyond my ability to have anything new to say. The presidential election of 2008 seemed to last a decade, as did the epic battle over health care reform. Now the Gulf Of Mexico oil spill threatens to finish the job on New Orleans that Katrina started. Far from a quick storm this spill just will not end. It will not end as a physical occurrence, and it will not end as a political matter. But what more is there that could be said? Who else could be blamed? The media has been reduced to making copy over what Barack Obama and Tony Heyward are doing in their spare time.

Now, President Obama’s reaction to General Stanley McChrystal’s comments to Rolling Stone will be the story of the day today, but what more is there to contribute? If McChrystal had that much of an issue with Obama then he should have refused the offer of the command. If McChrystal had said as much about a president like George W. Bush I’m sure Rich Lowry would be asking for a court martial. Instead he’s reduced to a snarky comment about how everybody makes fun of Joe Biden, as if that excuses the military chain of command. Insubordination is cool so long as it’s just to Democratic presidents.

Yet the heat, and the writers block continues. Much like that spill in the gulf.

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