Conservatives Blame Democrats For Polanski Rape

I’ve really been impressed with conservatives awkwardly trying to pin Roman Polanski’s sins on the whole of the political left. Along with “the media” “Hollywood values” have always been the meat and potatoes of knee-jerk conservative political excuses for anything wrong with the country. They feel that since Woody Allen and Harvey Weinstein have bizarrely come out in defense of the convicted rapist and fugitive Polanski that “Hollywood’s” values are being shown through, i.e. most Democrats and liberals. To begin with, is anyone surprised that Woody Allen of all people would come to the defense of someone taking advantage of a young girl? I mean he married his current wife who used to be his adopted daughter. They also ignore those in Hollywood that have come out strongly against the defense of Polanski, like Kevin Smith saying that despite his talent as a filmmaker he’s a rapist that belongs in jail. The absurd idea that since some in Hollywood came to his support that all of the political left is behind a rapist is akin to saying that every single teabagger is a racist bent on assassinating the President.

But is this what we are left with when it comes to reasonable political debate on the great issues at hand with the conservative side? I’m guessing next conservatives will claim that Obama and Clinton raped both that girl and Roman Polanski.

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